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In the Studio



I had Rory create a special song as a Valentine's Day present to my boyfriend. Working with Rory was great! He provided wonderful ideas and insights, took time to listen and understand my story, and became invested in the project. Rory's work and talent is incredible! Thank you so much for creating something special to share with my loved one

Whether it is collaborating with other artists, or taking your story and vision and adding the perfect musical element, Rory always delivers a professional sound. Sensitive to a vocalist's interpretation while simultaneously being able to capture the essence and mood of the composition, Rory has collaborated as a performer and entertainer with professionals across the globe bringing a unique artistic edge to any performance!

9_18_2022, 2_22_14 PM_edited.jpg

I gave Rory a poem, he turned it into a song for my husband...I couldn't wait, gave it to him early...It's an amazing gift for the person you love...Rory fit the music to my husband's lifestyle and music choice. 
Thank You Rory.

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