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Meet  the Artist



Local Milwaukee, Wisconsin musician and artist, Rory Bolton, has performed professionally all over the world. With experiences from the Ringling Bros. Circus to cruise ship entertaining, Rory’s background of music and styles are extensive. Rory’s musical versatility is unparalleled to that of any other utilizing the entire keyboard with passion, energy, and sensitivity.


​Rory shares his love of music with his patients as a board-certified music therapist in hospice and palliative care to bring peace and comfort to them and their families at end of life. To learn more about music therapy, click here.

For those interested in music lessons, Rory holds dual bachelor and master's degrees in piano performance and is also available as a private instructor of piano, guitar, and percussion/drums. 

He is equally comfortable performing as a soloist or collaborating with other artists. Ideal for weddings, cocktail hour, private banquets, anniversaries, and much more! Please contact Rory for specific quotes and rates and how he can add that perfect musical element to your event.

Rory is a master pianist and accompanist. He has an uncanny gift for knowing what a singer needs/could use/would enjoy, and then instantly making it happen. He is very skilled at staying with the performer and helping keep the selection on track. As a performer, it is a stress-free joy to work with him! Love his energy!

                                                                           -Jennifer L.

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