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Taking Your Next Event

To New Heights!


Capture the Essence of Live Music Entertainment!

Skip the keynote speaker and jump right in with the music!

Imagine easing into your evening of networking with smooth cocktails and great conversation with accompanying music to set the tone...

Then, liven it up with hits from nearly every decade, including all the greats and classics like Billy Joel, Elton John, classic rock, and more, to keep the party going, the bar open, and the camaraderie strong. Bring your employees together with a night of unforgettable live piano entertainment. Performances are tailored to your corporate event, ensuring a perfect blend of energy, engagement, and enjoyment that will leave everyone talking long after the event is over. From background melodies during dinner to lively sing-alongs that get everyone on their feet, let's make your event a standout success!

Starting Investment of 950 (2hr. min.)

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